Business owners plan to file tax returns on Christmas Day

Record numbers of people are choosing the 25th to submit their data to HMRC. 

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Record numbers of people are choosing the 25th to submit their data to HMRC. 

HMRC data reveals that 1,773 self-assessments were submitted online to HMRC on Christmas Day last year, a total just shy of Britain’s lowest-populated city, St. David’s, which has 1,797 residents.

2014’s number was a 13 per cent increase on the previous year, when 1,566 submissions were made.

Lunchtime (from 12pm-1pm) was the time people were most likely to file on December 25th, with 148 people in the UK submitting at this time.

However, Christmas Eve is by far the most popular day during Christmas week to file a self-assessment form, with 17,644 being submitted.

Overall, 24,228 people filed their tax return over the three-day festive holiday from December 24th-26th 2014. 

Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of accounting software company FreeAgent says, ‘Christmas isn’t always the most tranquil of holidays and people have to juggle a very busy social lives during this period of time.

‘So when Christmas starts to feel a bit much, completing a tax return can actually be a great opportunity to excuse yourself from the festivities and have some quiet time away from the hubbub.’

Filing returns early also means people can have complete peace of mind for the new year and actually look forward to January, instead of scrambling at the last minute to meet the tax deadline at the end of the month, Molyneux adds.

‘This is especially important for freelancers and micro-businesses as it means they can concentrate on other parts of their businesses, which will leave them in a much better position for the rest of the next year.’

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