Big money in the online gambling business

Here, we look at why the future looks promising for the gaming industry.

Playing casino games wasn’t always as easy as it is now. Before the arrival of online gaming, gamblers would have to enjoy blackjack, poker and roulette in person at a glitzy casino, usually a destination reserved for the ‘rich and famous’. As access to the internet became more available and technology caught up, online gaming became more popular with computer based gambling available in homes by the 1990s. Now, mobile gambling is the fastest growing part of the gaming industry, with gamblers playing on the move, at work or via their tablet or mobile phone in their home.

Online casinos are everywhere to be seen, with market-leading online casino operators like 888casino spending millions each year on advertising and creating trustable, household brands. Casino apps are available to download on all operating systems and mobile websites are easy to find and use. The UK has some of the most relaxed gambling laws in the world and spent roughly £4 billion on online gaming in 2016, contributing to a global market worth around £30 billion. The rest of Europe contributes around half of the world’s online gambling revenue, but nations like China and Australia are catching up. As more territories relax their gambling laws, online gaming is projected to continue growing at a rapid pace.

Traditional table games and online slot machines have taken a big leap from the traditional setups found in physical casinos. The standard green card table or ‘Lucky 7’ slot machine has made way for themed games, with Hollywood movies, sports teams and even music stars licensing their image rights for use in online gaming. Games are now typically slick and streamlined, with a huge focus on user interaction and audio-visual experience.

The ‘rich and famous’ image discussed earlier is making way for a more marketable brand that appeals to different walks of life. Casino games are being marketed as a bit of fun, contrasting with the often formal trip to the members-only casino where you are sometimes expected to place high bets to keep up with the pace. Online gaming has stake levels for all players and you can limit what you spend before you begin. Non-profit initiatives like Gambleaware campaign hard to prevent gambling addiction and provide information and support for players who feel they may be spending too much. This regulated approach has made the gaming environment safer and has removed the unethical practices that have been commonplace in the history of casinos.

The coming years are looking promising for the online gaming industry. The social aspect that is now popular with console gaming is starting to appear in the online gambling world, where players can visit a virtual casino and interact with friends or other gamblers across the world. VR is expected to become the next big thing in online gaming, with huge growth projected as more people buy headsets.

With online gaming becoming more popular and accessible, the quality of apps and games will only continue to improve. Based on current developments, the basic online poker room will soon be a breath-taking 3d experience that will make you feel the rush that is usually reserved for the high rollers in Vegas and Monte Carlo.

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