Business insurance: Everything you need to know

There are around five different types of insurance that you might need to protect your company. Here, we look at them.

Owning a business can be stressful and full of uncertainty at times but to ease this worry you can insure your business wisely and that way, if something does go wrong, you’ll be covered! There are around five different types of insurance that you might need to protect your company.

General liability insurance

“I’ve had an accident in the workplace and it wasn’t my fault,” the fatal words that could result in a huge lawsuit with an injured employee, client or customer and cost you a fortune if you aren’t covered by general liability insurance. In the rare case that a member of the public is involved in an accident that has somehow been caused by your company, public liability insurance will cover you for this too. This insurance will also cover you for a personal injury, which is helpful if you find that the injury is serious enough to keep you away from the office.

Property insurance

Property insurance can cover lots of different aspects of your business. Without it you won’t be able to cover equipment damage or destruction that could end up being quite costly if the damage is extensive. If you’re a start-up company and you have different aspects of your business dotted all over the place, while you’re looking for a permanent premises, you’ll want to make sure that it is covered while on the move and in it’s current premises, whether that’s storage units or a warehouse.

Cyber and media insurance

With cyber crime on the rise it’s important you’re aware of the risks and look into cover for it. If cyber criminals take your company under threat – the most recent case being Ransomware which will tell you to pay a ransom in order to get your system back – then this insurance will cover the damages and any losses that the company suffer during the ordeal. Ransomware can infect virtually any computer, smartphone or laptop, despite the firewalls that you have in place. Unfortunately the damage that is done isn’t usually covered by property insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance

If your company gives people advice or offers services to your clients that could affect their company then you will need professional indemnity insurance. This covers you if the advice your company has given results in the client suffering financially. You may want to use this type of insurance if you are an accountant, solicitor, doctor or financial advisor, for example.

Motor insurance

At most companies you’ll be using vehicles for business use, including getting to and from work. Make sure that your policy covers business use and those employees who are using their personal cars for company uses are also covered for using their cars for business.

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