Growing your business with EveryPay

Here, we look at a service that helps you to manage your payments. 

Here, we look at a service that helps you to manage your payments. 

EveryPay is an online payment service that was specifically designed to make the user’s life easy. Since offering payment to its customers is their core business, they service does the same with an equal measure of brilliance. The service does what it can to help you to properly manage your funds thereby giving you an opportunity to do what you do best; grow your business.

The best thing about the service is that they’ve pretty much simplified everything for the user’s sakes. First of all, they’ve made it easier to sign in by simplifying the entire process. Part of this package includes making EveryPay your one point of contact which basically means that the service helps you to acquire banks that can service you and makes it easier to apply for a merchant bank account.

EveryPay can help you to grow your business in the following ways:

a) Accepting different payment options 

The fact that the service supports different payment options means that the service widens the payment prospects of your business making it easy to transact. Some of the payment options available for the service include: 

· Regular debit and credit card payments which includes making single payments using either your credit or debit card

· Subscription payments otherwise known as recurring payments which normally happens on a regular basis say monthly

· Merchant custom payment page for PCI DSS level 1 certified merchant. The option helps the merchants collect the details of their payment card on their own. In addition to this EveryPay also provides you with a secure API that is required for passing on transaction details.

· The service also hosts a payment page for clients who are not PCI DSS certified. The page works on bot mobile and PC devices to offer you convenience.

b) Merchant portal  

The portal is designed to offer you any assistance when it comes to tracking and managing each of your payment aspects. It achieves this by providing you with a detailed overview of each of your transactions. The merchant portal will help you with the following:

· Help you create a thorough report of your transaction volumes

· Give you a glimpse of your costs

· Offer you refunds and cancel payments

· Assist you to manage your subscriptions

· Allows and disallows 3-D Secure

· Manages all of your disputes and chargebacks

· Exports data to CSV

c) Fraud control tool

Here the online payment service allows you to transact safely. The system has developed the most perfect solution to dealing with fraudulent transactions. With a team that is dedicated to advising you on how best to customise your settings to suit your business.

d) Simple pricing

It is free to set up the payment service and with the fact that there are no monthly charges for using EveryPay you can see the service is affordable.

e) Top level of security

Certified as a PCI DSS level 1 service, security is at its peak. This basically means that the service offers you technical solution and process that most definitely adhere to the highest of the industry’s requirements.

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