How to make a fortune: Invest for the long haul 

Here, we look at how to choose the right discretionary investment service.

Here, we look at how to choose the right discretionary investment service.

Want to make the most of your monthly earnings? Then there are a number of options to consider. Firstly, you might want to save as hard as possible into a traditional savings account or a cash ISA. It’s a safe option and you know where you stand with a fixed rate of interest. But it tends to be better suited to anyone with relatively short-term savings goals that needs instant access to their cash.

Secondly, you might decide to navigate the stock market by making an array of investments. While the latter is often considered riskier than saving (as your money can go up as well as down) it can also yield far higher returns.

Investing for the long haul

If you’re looking to make money fast, investing is perhaps not for you. Often, the longer you invest for the more likely you are to recoup periods of losses and ride the highs of investment gains. Of course, there’s nothing guaranteed about the stock market, but if you watch the figures carefully and buy the correct assets you stand a chance of making decent returns, so long as you give it enough time and don’t over-react to the constant dips and peaks in the financial markets.

When stocks go up, it’s tempting to buy more of them. That’s pure human instinct. But history tells us this is exactly the wrong thing to do. To take the emotion out of investing many people use a professional discretionary wealth manager. They make all investment decisions on your behalf based on your attitude to risk and will monitor your portfolio and adjust it over long periods of time to help keep it on track. This is good news for anyone who wants to open a stocks and shares ISA, a general investment portfolio or a personal pension; for the long-term game, it’s particularly useful for your pensions management.

Choosing the right discretionary investment service, however, is of paramount importance. Here we take a look at three companies you might want to consider.


Nutmeg Renowned for their hassle-free and no-nonsense approach to investing, Nutmeg specialises in creating portfolios tailored to the wants and needs of their thousands of customers – and their business model and online interface are refreshingly simple. Answer a few basic questions about how much risk you’re comfortable with and they’ll ensure your money is placed according to the type of investor you are. They’ll spread your risk and reward intelligently by making sure your portfolio is globally diverse, invested across many industries, currencies and countries.

Here are some of Nutmeg’s customer reviews:

‘Found the most innovative investment business I have seen in years. Fantastic web interface and investing made simple’ — @jonathanwarren_

‘Refreshingly new approach to #investment by @thenutmegteam – definitely the ones to watch out for!’ — @chveiga

‘I don’t see the value in independent financial advisers. I don’t have time to stay on top of the markets. So Nutmeg is the perfect solution’ — @jilldesmo


Looking after over £4 billion of assets for more than 50,000 clients, Bestinvest is well-known within the financial sector for offering a range of investment services with transparent, competitive prices. Founded in 1986 by John Spiers, the company has enjoyed incredible success and huge growth over the past few years and is a great choice for anyone looking to make long-term investments quickly, cheaply and without hassle.

Here’s a selection of Bestinvest customer reviews:

‘I’ve have been with Bestinvest for a number of years and have been generally very happy. They give really good discounts when buying an ISA on the web, and last time I spoke to them about a fund their staff came across as really knowledgeable’

‘To me, picking the right fund is top importance, this is also where Bestinvest score as their top funds and research data is spot on, and it’s independent (not semi-independent as I’ve found elsewhere!). No rebate of annual charges, but that’s fine with me as research into picking the right fund and their web online service more than makes up for it. All in all, works for me!’

‘Regular newsletters, informative webpage, personal advisor, discounted fund purchases’

‘Fast deals with little commission paid, can’t ask for more’


Covestor brings and online investment management marketplace to investors so you can access over 100 portfolio managers, investing strategies and advice. They work around the clock to match you with your perfect money manager and offer access to a wide range of talented, experienced and highly-vetted financial experts. They’re one of the financial industries’ most innovative and powerful investment companies and are ideal for long-term investors looking for a committed organisation to help them navigate the stock market and develop future wealth.

Here’s a selection of customer reviews:

‘Helpful, great online investment management platform’

‘Covestor is a very nice tool to keep track of your trades, in terms of returns as well as compare your track record with verified traders’

‘The company provides detailed bios of its managers before you subscribe or even sign up, so you know the types of investors they consider experts. You can see their top 5 stock holdings, overall, yearly and monthly performance as well as best and worst months. You will also be provided with commentary on the models by analysts and experts alike’

‘The site is well designed and being led by an experienced team of veterans that have seen success many times before. Alongside the ability to prove yourself to the trading world Covestor offers the ability to track other traders, all with a certified trade history instead of a simulator portfolio. The site boasts some amazing features that will keep members involved and in the know with who is hot and who’s not.’

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