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Here, we look at the services of mplcontact, which provides outsourced contact centre solutions. 

Here, we look at the services of mplcontact, which provides outsourced contact centre solutions. 

Mplcontact was established in 1994 and has evolved into one of the UK’s foremost providers of outsourced contact centre solutions. The company is a specialist in complex customer service provision, and is available 24 hours a day from its network of UK contact centres.

The company has a geographically diverse network of contact centres, located in Nottingham, Belfast, Sutton Coldfield, Winchester and Portsmouth. These contact centres use multichannel contact management technology which incorporates standard contact centre features such as ACD, CTI, IVR, scripting, database, messaging, workflow, scheduling, reporting and business applications. This technology enables its agents to manage emails, web chat and texts alongside telephone calls.

Siobhain Goodall, head of business development at the company, explains the practices of the business further, ‘At a basic level we can provide a sticking plaster sort of solution whereby if you are swamped with call volumes and your internal resources are insufficient to deal with those, but they’re expected to be a short-term or seasonal problem, we’re able to put in a level of support which will either just greet the caller and take the message or arrange for them to receive a callback.’

She adds that the company’s more extensive solution is to replicate all or some of the functions an in-house operation might be able to have.

The company prides itself on a total knowledge of customer behaviour. ‘We have a team of management experienced in understanding customer behaviour and driving call flows and business processes designed around the customer experience,’ Goodall says. ‘So we take everything from a customer’s point of view and work back out from that, making sure we’re getting the most appropriate call handling times to suit both the caller and our client.’

The company also has a particular experience working with older customers/callers. ‘We don’t have a high-pressure environment with lots of people shouting to get on the phone and keep call duration low. It’s more friendly and reassuring. If they have an emergency, we’re understanding. We’re big on empathy and listening and that makes for a better-managed customer experience.’

New owners came on board in the company in June last year and as a result the company has gone from strength to strength in terms of investing in the local environment, improving the facilities its agents have, improving pay, and demonstrating staff are valued.

‘We intend to continue to grow,’ says Goodall. ‘The thing that will continue to impact mostly in the contact centre landscape is social media and how that becomes a tool for responding to customer enquiries and maintaining brand integrity.’

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