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Our HR Hub provides a wealth of useful content for small business owners. Explore the basics of employment contracts, learn more about managing employee conduct issues and find out how to avoid some common pitfalls. In partnership with Peninsula HR.

The Small Business guide to HR
5 Nov 2019 / Business management
Be ready for any HR surprise the business world throws your way. SmallBusiness.co.uk has partnered with Peninsula HR to bring you The Small Business guide to HR. This e-book will take you through all the essentials you need to grow and maintain your business.
When should a small business think about outsourcing HR?
7 Oct 2019 / Employing & managing staff
Like any other business, a small business – whether it’s a microbusiness with less than 10 employees or a fast-growing scale up – needs to take care of HR. What does HR involve? Employee recruitment and retention Onboarding new employees Training Performance evaluation Dealing with long-term sickness Employee relations issues including discrimination claims, redundancy, grievances
Seven key types of small business employment contract
2 Oct 2019 / Employing & managing staff
As a small business owner, your legal responsibilities when taking on staff can be somewhat daunting but with a little help you can soon understand what’s needed. When you start taking on employees you will be faced with a fair amount of legal responsibilities. It is important you understand all your obligations as an employer
What happens if your small business is taken to an employment tribunal?
30 Sep 2019 / Employing & managing staff
No matter how well you run your business, there could come a moment when an employee takes you to an employment tribunal. It’s a heart-sinking moment for any small business owner but you are not alone. Employment tribunal claims were up 26% year on year in 2018/19 with 35,429 cases going to court. There was
Should you be outsourcing health and safety for your small business?
23 Sep 2019 / Employing & managing staff
As your small business grows, it’s easy to forget about some of the basics. When staff numbers keep increasing and profits rise, your time becomes even more precious. Which is when you might start to let some of the smaller things slip, like does your premises still have a suitable number of toilets? Is all
Businesses may need to pay casual workers who have cancelled shifts
19 Jul 2019 / Legal advice
Zero-hours workers whose shifts are cancelled at short notice could be entitled to compensation from business owners in future. The proposals state that workers would receive the full value of the cancelled shift or three times the hourly minimum wage for each hour cancelled. The Government has opened a consultation on the proposals which will
How to avoid discrimination when it comes to employee dismissal
24 Jun 2019 / Employing & managing staff
There is a general perception among business owners, especially SMEs, that terminating the employment of a problematic employee – especially if that employee has a protected characteristic such as their race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or a disability could cost them dearly. Many SMEs simply decide to do nothing as employee dismissal is too high
Pensions auto enrolment guide for employers
7 Jun 2019 / Employing & managing staff
Pensions auto enrolment (AE) was introduced by the Government as a way to help employees save in a tax efficient way for their retirement with the help of their employer and to reduce their reliance on the State Pension. Under AE legislation, employers have a legal obligation to automatically enrol eligible employees into a workplace
Warning to employers not providing pensions for staff
11 Feb 2019 / Employing & managing staff
Employers who don’t provide a pension scheme for staff face unlimited fines. The warning comes as an accounts manager who tried to hide the fact that restaurants had not given their staff workplace pensions has been ordered to pay £5,000. Bradford-based Mansoor Nasir submitted false declarations of workplace pension compliance to The Pensions Regulator (TPR
How to introduce a health and safety apprenticeship to the workplace
29 Dec 2018 / Business management
Here, Chris Pendrey of Actavo Direct explains how to introduce a health and safety apprenticeship to your workplace.