Masterclass Series

Green finance

Simon Cureton, CEO of Funding Options, walks us through the 'green boom' in eco-friendly businesses along the growth of green finance


Dragons’ Den: Everything’s gone green – S19, ep2

This week’s show was all about green products from compostable paint trays and eco body products to real-grass indoor toilet training for puppies

Business management

Environmental checklist for small businesses

We've outlined an environmental checklist for UK small businesses to help make your company more sustainable and achieve its carbon-cutting goals.

Masterclass Series

Why you should become carbon neutral

Andrew Walsh, founder of AW Repair group and a keen diver, explains how the company has achieved its carbon neutral status

Funding your small business

Where to find green small business grants

If you fancy making your business and its operations that bit greener, these eco grants will help you get there


Business owners still failing to make their office eco-friendly

A third of all business owners are not taking measures to make their office eco-friendly, a new study reveals.


Business owners are not taking measures to make their office eco-friendly

Nearly half of business owners spend over £1,000 on energy each month, neglecting their obligation to make an eco-friendly office.

Business management

What you can do to make your office more eco-friendly

Here's why responsible business owners should be committing to protecting and preserving the planet.


Employees want their company to introduce more eco-friendly policies

More than one in four workers want their company to get more serious on green credentials, research finds.


SMEs mindful of environment in energy efficiency drive 

Small company owners are actively seeking to improve energy efficiency in their business, and not just for cost reasons.


Future is green for SMEs

Small businesses are being urged to become more environmentally aware to safeguard their future and ensure strong growth.

Business management

Make your office more environmentally responsible and save money

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, small and medium-sized businesses are always on the look out for opportunities to cut operating costs. SmallBusiness.co.uk offers a number of simple operational changes that can not only ensure your business is more environmentally sound but also save you money.

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4 small business functions that must be automated for greater profits

Can technology help you create more efficient business models? In this article, we explore how you can use technology to boost your business

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It’s time the UK’s small businesses got the seamless communications and collaboration tools they need

Why seamless collaboration is crucial for UK small businesses and what tools can help

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Flexible work is making cybersecurity tougher for UK SMBs. It’s time they got the tools, and the platform, to defend themselves

The cybersecurity landscape for small businesses and the tips and tools that can help

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How to enhance your customer and employee experiences using Uber Vouchers

This article explains how Uber Vouchers can enhance both your customer and employee experience