Website funding

I have an idea to start a business. How do I find out if I can get help with funding such as to set up the website?

There is a wide range of government support available to people wanting to start their own businesses, not only through grants and other funding but also through numerous advisory, guidance and information services.

Government grants are almost always awarded for a specific purpose or project and are usually for proposed projects only – not for those that have already started. Most require you to match the funds you are being awarded. In other words, the grant covers a proportion of the money needed, while you supply the rest.

Depending on your location, type of business and what you need the funds for, you may be eligible for a number of grants and support. The .gov website has information on all government grants and support services currently available. It allows you to search for potential sources of help with starting up a business and includes schemes from central and local government as well as private organisations.

Visit the .gov website for further information.

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