Why you should only work with a local solicitor Why you should only work with a local solicitor

Many small businesses need to form a working relationship with their solicitor, but why should you pick a local solicitor to help you?

 Why you should only work with a local solicitor

Unfortunately, many people don’t have a professional to call when they find themselves in legal trouble. This is why it’s never a bad idea to form a relationship with a solicitor. This solicitor will understand your personal situation, and will formulate a plan according to your unique situation during your time of need.

The question is, with whom should you create this relationship? Solicitors come in many varieties. Some are members of large corporate practices, while others are from smaller firms that represent local issues. This latter category is likely the best choice for you. Here’s why.

More time for your case

Solicitors decide to practice locally for a reason. By committing to a small, regional client base, they are better able to serve each client. They are also more available when you need their services at a moment’s notice. Let’s say you need an injury at work solicitor; a call to a friendly solicitor who you know well, and who works locally, will put you on the path to justice much faster than a call to a non-local solicitor who deals with many more clients than yourself.

Familiarity with local issues

No one is better able to protect your legal interests than a solicitor who is already aware of your local milieu. Local ordinances and precedents may mean a great day to your case, so you need to work with someone who knows them well, not just brushes up on them when you need help. A local solicitor is a community member. They have the same needs and rights that you do, specifically related to the part of the world where you live. The resulting personal injury advice will therefore not be general, but will speak to the present reality of your home area. This aspect of the client-solicitor relationship is indispensable.

Affordability and personability

In some cases, local solicitors will be more affordable than those who focus on national cases. This is because they are competing locally with other local practices, not against famous firms on the national stage. This community market aspect of legal service tends to adjust itself to your budget. When you retain the services of a local solicitor, you’ll find that this community aspect also has benefits for the solicitor-client relationship.

Your solicitors will want to retain your business, and benefit from positive word of (your) mouth. For this reason, you can expect better service from a local solicitor than you might get from someone who has no special attachment to you or the place where you live.

At the end of the day, you should hire the individual who best serves your needs. However, for all of the reasons above, the search for that person will most efficiently begin at the local level. Talk to friends, neighbours, and the local denizens of the internet. Take the time it takes to find the perfect local solicitors, and you’ll be glad every day until you get the legal outcome you desire and deserve.

Good luck as you look for your next solicitor!

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