Small Business Legal Issues

Advice and guides to help you overcome common legal problems faced by many small business owners and directors.

Business Ideas & Planning

Should I go sole trader, partnership or limited company?

We explore different types of company formation – sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership and limited company

Legal advice

Are purchase orders legally binding?

Are purchase orders legally binding? What are the benefits of a purchase order and how does the process work? Paul Barnes explains more

Employing & managing staff

Do I need to pay employee for travelling time?

One of my employees, who travels 50 miles each way to work, is arguing that he should get paid for travelling time. How should I proceed?


Getting ready for Brexit – 6 steps you need to take to prepare

What should your small business be doing now to get ready for Brexit? Sarah Gunton offers advice on how firms can best prepare between now and January 1

Getting Online

Pivoting to an online business – 8 legal mistakes to avoid

Many small businesses are launching websites to keep sales going during the coronavirus pandemic. Lawyer Marion Kennedy highlights 8 legal mistakes to avoid when pivoting to an online business


Does my small business require a licence?

Licences are one of the first things you should research when you're starting your small business. Here's what you need to know

Legal advice

T&Cs for your small business – how to make sure they’re done properly

Making T&Cs prominently available and easily understood is important if you want to avoid costly legal action, says Amanda Hamilton

Business Technology

Drone laws UK: how do they affect small businesses?

A raft of drone laws were introduced earlier in the year restricting where and how high drones can fly. We explore what these new regulations mean for small businesses.

Business management

Hazardous waste management for small businesses

Richard Walker, marketing manager of Reconomy, offers up some guidance on hazardous waste management for your small business.

Legal advice

How can a restrictive covenant be enforced?

Is a restrictive covenant worth the paper it is written on and how can it be enforced?

Legal advice

Small claims court: How to recover money owed to your business

If your business is owed money, you may be able to use the small claims court to recover what is owed to you. In this piece, we discuss how.

Accounts & Tax

Inter-company loans: are there tax implications to consider?

Readers ask if there are interest charges and tax implications to think about when it comes to inter-company loans.

Masterclass Series

Open Banking

Simon Cureton, CEO of Funding Options, explores the benefits of Open Banking for small and medium-sized businesses

Partner content

PayFit raises €254M to continue transforming in-house payroll for SMEs

Now valued at €1.82B, PayFit aims to strengthen its position in its current markets

Masterclass Series

Green finance

Simon Cureton, CEO of Funding Options, walks us through the 'green boom' in eco-friendly businesses along the growth of green finance

Masterclass Series

The funding landscape

This article from Tracc looks at the changing funding landscape and how business owners can improve their chance to secure funding themselves