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Being a Small Business Pro membership advisor is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash, but there’s also potential to earn significant revenue if you can put the hours in.
Cash boost
£80-£300 each month
Part-time income £300-£500 each month
Serious extra income £2,000-£5,000 each month
Life changing income £5,000+ each month
Suitable for:
  • Stay-at-home parents looking for extra cash 
  • Students 
  • People in employment looking for a side-hustle 
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs who want to make being a membership advisor their own business

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Your burning questions, answered

Small Business Pro was launched by (the UK’s number one website for small business owners, running for over 25 years). 

We’re owned by Stubben Edge, an exciting technology business on a mission to help more people to start, run and grow their own businesses.  

Our membership advisors come from a range of backgrounds, but they’re all passionate about supporting UK small businesses (while earning some money for themselves in the process).  

You will earn commission on every new business member you sign up, so the sky is the limit – depending on how much time you’re able to spend on finding and talking to new members.  

We have advisors who do it to earn a bit of extra cash and others who work on SB pro full-time.  

This is completely up to you, but obviously the more time you can invest in recruiting new members, the more you’ll earn! 

There are no time limits or set hours – we want this to fit around your life and work for you. 

There’s a £10 joining fee, to cover the cost of setting you up and your membership advisor training. We also charge a small ongoing training fee from your fourth month. 

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