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This year marks the 10th edition of the Fast Company World’s Most Innovative Companies and while the top 10 winners are a pretty exceptional bunch, including the likes of Amazon, Google, Uber, Facebook and Netflix, there are many innovative companies that didn’t make this year’s list, or have ever made the list and deserve to.

Here are 5 companies that deserve more awards.


When we think of the world’s most innovative companies, our minds go straight to Silicon Valley in the United States and while many of the organisations from Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list certainly hail from there, some innovative companies actually originate in the land down under. The CSIRO patented its WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) in 1996 and since then they’ve received over $420 million in revenue from the technology that’s responsible for Wi-Fi.

Mirvac Group

More recently in Australia, Mirvac have been recognised as being one of the most innovative companies in the country. While Mirvac hasn’t managed to make it on the Fast Company World’s Most Innovative Companies list, they did manage to make BRW’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list in 2015 and were awarded the Best Innovation program. Mirvac’s use of CSR Velocity Panels, which is revolutionising the building industry earned them 3rd place.

CEO and Managing Director Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz said it was an outstanding achievement. “Being ranked number three in Australia is recognition of the work of passionate people in the business who are driving change at the front line. It’s also acknowledgement of a productive first year in which we defined our innovation strategy and launched our innovation program.”

Better View


BetterView in an Insurtech startup from the USA that has successfully managed to marry insurance with innovative engineering.

The company is able to flag up any potential problems for properties using drones to capture aerial images and then file a report for their clients. This way clients are able to know exactly what issues could affect them in the future and choose an insurance policy to address their concerns.

This is an amazing accomplishment from the startup because it treats customers individually by using specific data to capture user’s needs.



Rasello is one of Africa’s most innovative companies. They help you “manage, understand and communicate better to the people that matter most to your business.” Rasello offers businesses the unique opportunity to simplify how their business units communicate to their customers.

Users are informed by SMS when a company they follow has something important to say, meaning businesses are able to communicate more immediately, cost effectively and broadly with consumers.

Brooklyn Bridge


Tinybop is a company from Brooklyn and is revolutionising the online interface for kids. The Explorer’s Library features 7 educational apps – The Human Body, Plants, Homes, Simple Machines, The Earth, Weather and Skyscrapers to give kids as young as 4 the equivalent of a middle school science education.

Tinybop can be perfectly summed up in this quote from founder Raul Gutierrez “Google is a terrible interface for a 6-year-old.” And he’s right, instead Tinybop is the perfect way for your child to learn basic physics, engineering, biology and more.

Jonathan Sumner

Jon Sumner

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