Acquiring a small business loan

Where can I get a small business loan of up to £1,500?

Where can I get a small business loan of up to £1,500?

You do not mention why you want the loan (other than it is for business), nor anything about your personal circumstances. This can only be a very general guide. You do not mention whether you have a current relationship with a bank or credit card company or whether you have a good credit history (such as previously borrowing money and successfully paying it back). A loan of £1500 is relatively small for a bank and assuming a positive credit history you should get a favourable response. In the event that normal loan from a bank is not an option the following alternatives might be possible: Friends and / or family – a friend or family member particularly one with experience of running a business might be prepared to lend you the money. But you need to draw up a written agreement specifying when the loan will be repaid and any interest payable. Many Enterprise Agencies are prepared to be a lender of last resort for small businesses, basically after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Go to to find your local Enterprise Agency. Many early stage business people use their Credit Card to fund expenses – items such as travel, stationery, petrol can be purchased on credit cards which, provided the debt is controlled, is a good way to fund the early stages of a business, although interest charges can be relatively high Another alternative which might be an option for you is to join a Credit Union. The Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL) website provides information regarding their members and their services. Some of the larger Credit Unions offer current account facilities. If you live in an area served by one of these credit unions you might be able to avail yourself of their facilities. If you are able to save with a credit union (usually for a period of at least 3 months) you might then be able to access their lending facilities. For more information, go to the ABCUL website or telephone 0161 832 3694.

If you are between 18 and 30 and unemployed, the Prince’s Trust also offers loans of the last resort to people wanting to set up a business. They provide loans of up to £4,000 for a sole trader as well as grants up to £1,500. Go to

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