Admin is killing UK business: A quarter of managers struggle daily

UK bosses report that administration tasks pose a significant drain on their time that could be better spent elsewhere, study reveals.

New research reveals that managers from across the UK suffer from too much admin. It has been found that small businesses are being particularly affected, as 35 per cent of SME leaders spending much of their day on paperwork, tripling time spent on admin tasks over customer services.

The management pressures and productivity survey, conducted by global telecommunication company Immervox, spoke to senior managers from 144 companies across the UK to find out what aspects of their businesses they felt were not performing to their full potential.

The results from small business managers indicate that tasks are evenly important across the board. The responses, which range from ‘innovating’ to ‘planning’ barely fluctuate as statistics demonstrate a balanced distribution of tasks.

In contrast managers at larger companies are able to hone in on three core elements of their job; innovating, planning, and customer service.

A lack of investment in IT systems plays a significant role in hindering productivity in large companies, according to over half (51 per cent) of managers. A stark contrast when compared to just 8 per cent of managers in small businesses.

‘With everything from internal communications, administration, and customer service being run through IT systems in business today, too often we see a lack of investment in the correct systems and innovation, which ultimately is hindering growth,’ says Tom Brooks, marketing manager, Immervox.

The survey was co-ordinated in parallel with an Immervox report into the importance of IT system investment. The report highlights the four key IT innovation trends for businesses in 2017.

Adaptability is vital
Rapid innovation
Embrace remote working
The Internet of Things is driving digital transformation

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Owen Gough, SmallBusiness UK

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