Advice on toilet and washroom facilities

What are the regulations for toilet and washroom facilities for a small, mixed-sex workforce?

The main regulations controlling this subject are the Welfare Regulations 1992. These set out the minimum numbers of toilets per member of staff. If the business is a particularly dirty one, or hygiene standards are particularly high, such as food preparation, then the requirements may be greater.

The basic numbers are one toilet facility to five members of staff; and up to 15 staff, one additional facility. The toilet should be lockable and the washing facility must be contained within it. Hot and cold running water should be provided along with hand drying facilities. There should also be the relevant female facilities. They should also be clean!

Adam Wayland

Adam Wayland

Adam was Editor of from 2006 to 2008 and prior to that was staff writer on sister publication BusinessXL Magazine.

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