Are co-working spaces the future?

Here, we look at how co-working spaces mean that competitors can now be seen as collaborators rather than rivals.

There has been a huge shift in the way companies think in recent years. No longer are competitors seen as rivals, but possible co-collaborators thanks to the rise of co-working spaces.

There’s no doubt that co-working is big business, even the most likely candidates from retail stores to banks, are jumping on the bandwagon, but why have so many companies started adopting this approach?


Being in an office style environment creates an energy which only comes with interacting with like-minded workers. A study by Office Vibe showed co-working offices made 90 per cent of entrepreneurs more confident, 68 per cent more focused and 64 per cent more productive. The buzz of being in an area where everyone is busy on their own passion can only drive you to make your own a success!


Working from home can present an array of distractions, it’s hard to keep focus when you’re so close to your TV, family and bed. Keeping your work life and home life separate allows you to keep some structure, not to mention gives you a reason to get out of the house.


Working on your own can place a blocker between you and people who could benefit your business. Coworking can locate you with people who may have very different skills or solutions to problems, being so close to them can allow you to pick their brains!

If you can find a co-working space which suits your professional field, it could make this benefit even stronger.


If you’re starting to seriously think about office space you’ll soon discover the hassle that comes along with it. Fixed-term leases, utility bills, infrastructure? A co-working space or serviced office in the UK can take care of all of that and enables you to rent space on a much shorter, flexible term!


Ever heard the expression ‘the life of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one’? Working on your own can feel isolating and have a poor effect on your mental health, having day to day interactions is an important part of daily life.

Although you’ll be working on your own business idea, the space will surround you with similar thinking people, with a lifestyle that matches yours, leaving you feeling social, energised and most importantly, happy!


It’s completely normal to feel self doubt as a small business owner. Putting yourself out there, on your own, can remove the safety net you become accustomed to working as a cog in a larger machine. Enveloping yourself with other entrepreneurs will allow you to get through those moments of self doubt, you can even use them to bounce your ideas off!

Working at home, or taking your laptop to the nearest coffee shop sure sounds like the dream, but how realistic is it really? Do you have the motivation to follow a daily schedule? Can you work without little or no accountability? This is why co-working spaces have really blossomed as practical option over the past few years.

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