Adam Tavener, chairman of Clifton Asset Management and a Small Business Profit Club panellist.

Sole trader

Small businesses need more support to employ rather than contract

Adam Tavener discusses the challenges brought up by the post-recession self employment rush and suggests what can be done to improve prospects for the cohort.

Alternative finance

Peer-to-peer lenders, regulation and small businesses

Adam Tavener looks at the impact of regulation on peer-to-peer lenders and why it shouldn't be seen as detrimental to innovation.

Alternative finance

Banks may be lending again, but alternatives continue to thrive

Adam Tavener discusses how an upturn in bank lending is also good news for alternative finance.

Alternative finance

Changes afoot in the alternative funding market, but raising awareness remains crucial

The Small Business Bill in the Queen's Speech pledged to make it easier for small businesses to access finance.

Alternative finance

Collaboration between banks and alternative lenders

In this blog, Adam Tavener explores how the banks and alternative lenders could work together to up funding to SMEs.


Is UK business falling behind?

Adam Tavener, chairman of Clifton Asset Management and Small Business Profit Club panellist, asks what is stifling the UK's entrepreneurial spirit.