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Hustlers and Gurus – 2 self-help books on business

Self-help books on business are often contradictions in terms. They're the equivalent of playing The Beatles: Rock Band on a games console - in your head, you're on the rooftop of Apple Records in Savile Row, playing Get Back to hundreds of people, whereas in reality you're a friendless adult, alone in a living room, frantically pressing coloured buttons.

Alternative finance

Alternative sources of financing

Bhodi Sunth, director at finance company Azure Global, outlines the options available when you need to raise funds.

Business Ideas & Planning

Do you have what it takes to run your own business?

Here, SmallBusiness.co.uk speaks to owner-managers about the qualities that go towards making a successful entrepreneur.


Arranging meetings wastes 5 hours a week

One-eighth of the working week is spent setting up appointments, research from Web 2.0 resource Doodle finds.

Business management

Why Entrepreneurs should relocate to the North East

Investors in the North East are on the hunt for entrepreneurs with great ideas and a whole load of ambition.

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Wake up and smell the coffee

Ever since hit TV sitcom Friends reached our shores, lounging in coffee shops has become a national pastime – as seen by Costa’s plans to double its stores over the next five years. So here are some things to consider if you want to start your own coffee shop.

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James Caan: no limits

Star of Dragons’ Den and multimillionaire recruitment entrepreneur James Caan talks to SmallBusiness.co.uk about the importance of SME finance and how Dragons’ Den has helped the UK economy.


Entrepreneurs want to be their own bosses

The main aim of European entrepreneurs is to be their own boss, as opposed to their US counterparts who say making lots of money is their main motivation.

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Sleeping giant: Tim Williams of Jetsleeper

After appearing on the BBC's Dragons' Den, Tim Williams was promptly booted off without a penny. A year and a half on and his travel pillow invention Jetsleeper is a roaring success.


Female entrepreneur numbers Increasing

The fact that more women are choosing to start their own business is 'really good news', says the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).


Compulsory retirement ‘would restrict start-ups’

Many retirees who intend to set up their own firm could be stopped by the compulsory retirement age from the government.

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Saira Khan: nobody’s apprentice

Feisty Saira Khan shot to fame in 2005 as a finalist in the TV show The Apprentice. She talks to SmallBusiness.co.uk about her baby skincare company, Miamoo, and why the glass ceiling for women in business needs to be smashed.