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Income tax, National Insurance and VAT

Red tape is a necessary evil in all businesses, so you need to make sure you're on top of it.


Christmas party under threat

Four out of five bosses are not throwing a Christmas party for staff this year due to worries about drunken behaviour leading to disciplinary or legal action, according to law firm Peninsula.

Government Grants

Grants for starting a care home business

Are there any grants available for starting a care home for the elderly?

Employing & managing staff

Guide to interviewing candidates

While candidates have to be well prepared, you, as the interviewer, must also take steps to ready yourself for the interview process.

Business Ideas & Planning

Checklist: what should be in your business plan

Your business plan is key to keeping your mind on long-term strategic goals while dealing with the day-to-day problems. Here's what it should contain.


New virtual incubator for tech entrepreneurs

Prospective technology entrepreneurs seeking greater flexibility when first developing their businesses can now draw on the support of a new virtual incubation service.