Anna is Senior Reporter, covering topics affecting SMEs such as grant funding, managing employees and the day-to-day running of a business.


What could the General Election 2024 mean for small businesses?

The UK General Election is happening on July 4, 2024. What do small business owners and professionals want to see from the next government?

Business Loans

Fast business funding and loans

Worried about cashflow for your small business? Need cash fast? Find out more about fast business funding and who the key providers are

Small Business Banking

Best business bank accounts for sole traders

We’ve rounded up some of the best business bank accounts created with sole traders in mind

Business Technology

15 EPoS systems for restaurants and cafés

Having the right ePoS system in place can boost your business in far more ways than just payments. Here are 15 ePoS systems to check out

Business Ideas & Planning

How to start a dog walking business

For those who love pooches and want to set up a dog walking business, check out this guide to learn more about how to do it

Business Technology

Online Booking Systems for Small Businesses

For small businesses that are scouting out online booking systems, we've gathered some of the best on the market.


Employees to be given flexible working rights from first day

The new legislation gives employees the right to ask for flexible working from day one and shortens the employer's response time

Small Business Insurance

What insurance do I need for my cleaning business?

What insurance do you need for your cleaning business, what exclusions do you need to know about and how do you find the right policy?

Employing & managing staff

What’s the right way to go about advertising jobs for my small business?

If you think you should be advertising jobs but want to hire internally, what do you do? We explore the pros and cons of each

Government Grants

How to find grants for training courses

Eligibility for grants is usually dependent on the size of your company, where it is based and what you want to use the money for

Small Business Insurance

What types of insurance does a photography business need?

Our photography business insurance guide covers legal requirements and recommended add-ons plus lesser-known extras and restrictions. Find out all you need to know to make sure you are properly covered.

Small Business Insurance

What insurance do I need for my beautician business?

We help you to scope out what insurance you need as a beautician as well as the need-to-know extras and restrictions.