Author and businesswoman, Beatrice helps entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses.


New business basics: Five tips for success

Beatrice Bartlay explores five fundamental business tenets for a new company owner to consider.


Five steps to cutting entrepreneurial excuses

Beatrice Bartlay discusses why being honest with oneself and stopping making excuses is worthwhile behaviour as a business owner.


Are small businesses fully open to gender equality?

Beatrice Bartlay looks at how small companies can support and inspire equality from entry level employees upwards.


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Beatrice Bartlay remembers the times when her business was under threat - and how she pulled through the dark days.


Getting to the forefront of your industry: Five pointers

Entrepreneur Beatrice Bartlay reveals the most important things to remember in the early stages of business.

Investing in a franchise

Adapting your business model to become a franchise

Beatrice Bartlay discusses the ins and outs of converting your company into a franchise format.

Employing & managing staff

How to source the best staff and then retain them

Ensuring you have the right team in place is of crucial importance when establishing and growing your business. HR guru Beatrice Bartlay gives tips on employing and retaining staff.