Clive Lewis

Clive Lewis is Head SME Issues and Enterprise at ICAEW - the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Legal advice

Dealing with a difficult shareholder

Clive Lewis, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, explains the legal ramifications of shareholder disputes.

Government Grants

How your business can get a grant in 2011

Government grants can be hard to come by - but they do exist and they can benefit your business if you know where to look. provides an essential guide to sourcing and applying for a government grant.

Accounts & Tax

Vehicles that are considered for tax relief

I am about to replace my car and have been told by my accountant that 25 per cent relief is allowed on cars and 40% relief is allowed on vans. Which vehicles are considered as 'vans' for the purposes of tax? I have quite a lot of equipment to carry around (ladders etc) and so maybe a van would been of greater benefit than a large estate car. I hope that you can advise. Thank you!

Accounts & Tax

Basic tax, VAT and cash flow for start-ups

When starting a business, there are a myriad of VAT, National Insurance, income tax and cash flow issues to consider. Clive Lewis of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales offers this introduction to what to expect.

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16 ways to improve your business cash flow

Read here for 16 tried and tested tips and tricks to improve potential cash flow problems

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Agility – the new rocket fuel for today’s SMBs

How Microsoft Teams is helping small businesses stay nimble

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Six ways to boost your small company’s culture with technology

Getting the most from Microsoft Teams to help build a common purpose and connection within your business

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Five ways to boost SMB cyber defence so you can focus on growth

Want to boost your cybersecurity? Check out these five ways to strengthen your defences against attacks