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What are the benefits of smart meters for business customers?

You may have heard that installing a smart meter can give your business a boost, but how exactly? Here are five key areas where smart meters can really make a difference

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The importance of custom and sustainable packaging when growing your brand

Packaging is more than just a pretty face. It’s a brand-builder that sends would be customers clear signals about the things your business stands for. Ambitious brands must get it right or risk being outpaced by the competition

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Do small businesses care about climate change?

With the stark warnings issued during the COP26 climate summit still a recent memory – and COP27 scheduled for next autumn – what are UK small businesses doing to help reduce carbon emissions and heal the planet?

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How smart meters can empower consumers to engage with their energy use

Smart meters are a great invention, helping people rid themselves of unnecessary meter readings and, potentially, reducing energy waste. But what role do consumers themselves play in making the most of this technology?

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Driving energy transformation with smart utilities

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is developing at pace. Here’s how utility companies are using it to become more efficient, reducing costs and saving energy

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How to take control of your business expenses

Cash is the lifeblood of business, yet too often entrepreneurs spend more money than they need to, putting a strain on cashflow. Here’s how to do a better job of controlling your business expenses

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Your customers care about sustainability: here’s how your business can too

With concerns increasing over human impact on the planet, now is the time to make your business part of the solution

Making Tax Digital

What is Making Tax Digital and why should you care?

The taxman is abandoning paper form-filling in favour of software-based submissions, and he’s taking small businesses with him. Here’s what you need to know

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Listen to your customers when it comes to sustainability

Small business owners should listen to their customers when it comes to sustainability. It's no longer a nice-to-have and increasingly a necessity to attract and retain customers


National Payroll Week: How HR professionals can adapt for the future

Payroll and HR professionals have a multitude of challenges to overcome post-Covid. For small business owners, in particular, it’s important to understand these new challenges and help colleagues work to their best ability

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How to take the uncertainty out of your business energy bills

Most small business owners take a forensic approach to cost-counting, so why leave business energy expenditure to chance?

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Smart meters and the hybrid workspace

The coronavirus pandemic caused a radical shift in working patterns for GB businesses, a change that bedded in even after successive lockdowns have lifted. What will this mean for business energy usage and how might smart meters help?