David Price

David Price is CEO of Health Assured:

Business management

The signs of poor mental health at work

David Price explores what employers should look out for in staff to prepare for mental health issues.

Business management

How businesses can support employees with dyslexia

Here, David Price looks at the adjustments to make as a business owner to accommodate dyslexic staff.

Employing & managing staff

How can employers secure the welfare and wellbeing of pregnant employees?

David Price discusses the considerations small companies must make to accommodate the needs of pregnant employees.

Office & home working

Detoxing a negative office environment 

Here, David Price discusses how to defuse conflicts and promote a harmonious working environment.

Business Technology

Is email communication bad for employee health and productivity?

Here, David Price looks at the importance of a social working culture.

Office & home working

Preventing negativity in the workplace

David Price gives some pointers on eradicating a bad attitude in staff members.

Office & home working

Is it important to have a social environment at work?

In recent times, companies have placed more of an emphasis on a social office dynamic. David Price discusses the benefits.

Employing & managing staff

Do I have to offer bereavement pay?

A member of staff experienced a family loss and took time off to grieve. I did not pay them bereavement pay at the time as I wasn't sure if they were entitled to it. The employee is now claiming he would like to be paid for the time off.

Employing & managing staff

How can I encourage my employees to take their annual leave?

I have a number of employees who fail to take their annual leave, this may be because they are busy or feel obligated to the business. As our small business can often become busy and hectic I would like to encourage my workforce to take annual leave; how can I best do this?

Office & home working

How do I handle employees who attend work while unwell?

Clearly I am concerned about their wellbeing but I also wish to ensure that illness does not spread throughout the rest of the business and impact other workers.

Employing & managing staff

How can I keep my employees engaged?

Is there a way I can prevent my employees becoming bored at work? How can I ensure that they feel challenged and satisfied in their role?

Business Technology

How do I encourage employees to share ideas on business growth?

Q: I value my employees' ideas on growing our company but some staff don't have the confidence to make their opinion known. How can I encourage them to have their say?

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