Ian Cowley is managing director of cartridgesave.co.uk

Office & home working

How to ensure staff are effective when working remotely 

Here, Ian Cowley discusses how to keep a handle on your staff when employing flexible working practices.

Business management

Why a small business owner might need a mentor

Overcome the loneliness you can feel as an entrepreneur by considering a mentor, Ian Cowley suggests.

Employing & managing staff

How hiring an in-house HR manager has benefited my business

Ian Cowley brought his HR function closer to home and explains why it is a position worth having in-house.

Business management

How to give back to your staff, community and industry

Ian Cowley discusses the ways in which a company can go beyond just selling a product and actively engage with others.

Business Technology

How to manage an inbox better in your small business

Ian Cowley gives seven quick tips to organising your emails for maximum productivity.


Three tips for effective internal communication

Ian Cowley reveals some low-cost ways of connecting better with your employees.


Top five tips for sourcing new suppliers

Ian Cowley gives some guidance on expanding your network of suppliers.

Business management

How to become friends with your competitors

Building relationships with companies operating in the same sector could provide valuable support and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Ian Cowley explains how.


Should you pay your staff bonuses?

After finding a study on the impact of bonuses on staff output, Ian Cowley investigated how incentives worked for his business.

Legal advice

How to choose a legal adviser

Ian Cowley gives some pointers on sourcing the right solicitor when running a small business.

Employing & managing staff

What to know when recruiting your first employee

Ian Cowley, managing director of cartridgesave.co.uk, discusses everything you need to know when taking on your first staff members.