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Business management

Post-work pints: Transferrable skills for running a pub

Experience in the pub trade – or at least hospitality – is advisable for would-be publicans. Yet other careers do bestow some transferrable skills in this competitive sector, writes Melanie Luff of BusinessesForSale.com.

Buying and selling a company

How to succeed as a family business

A 2013 study by auditors KPMG discovered that as much as 40-50 per cent of European employment is created via family-owned businesses. Amounting to more than five million workers, this demonstrates the economic benefits family-run businesses bring.

Business management

9 ways to keep your staff motivated

From team building to simply showing that you value your employees, here are nine ways to build a team of loyal, productive and motivated employees.

Buying and selling a company

Five ways to grow a beautiful business

Navigated the tricky start-up phase and finally broke even? Here are some ways to take your business to the next level.

Buying and selling a company

Are you ready to buy a business and become an entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is seductive; come and go as you please, make all the decisions and answer to nobody, but it takes a lot of time, money and hard work.

Startup Funding and Grants

How to raise funds for a new business

Melanie Luff explores the options to bear in mind when looking for funding as a start-up.