Paul Mildenstein is CEO of business cash advance provider Liberis.

Alternative finance

Do small businesses really need to wait for alternative finance?

The British Business Bank is regulator of a scheme that ensures small businesses are referred to relevant alternative finance providers in the event of being turned down for bank funding. But Paul Mildenstein asks: What's taking so long?

Alternative finance

Why alternative finance is gaining popularity with SMEs

As the economy slowly recovers and we prepare for another five years of a Conservative government what is the outlook for small businesses in the UK? More positive than ever, says Paul Mildenstein.

Small Business Banking

Do small businesses still need banks?

As the alternative finance sector continues to grow at a rapid rate, Paul Mildenstein considers if banks have had their day.

Alternative finance

What the alternative finance sector must learn from the banks

Paul Mildenstein discusses the key principles to which alternative financiers should adhere in order to safeguard the future of the sector.