Peter is the founder and group managing director of Peninsula Business Services, established in 1983.


Chasing bad debt

I am a freelance designer and I find it impossible to get people to pay me on time. What’s worse, I often end up taking a discount on what I have charged just to get paid because I am short of money. What can I do?

Employing & managing staff

Guide to induction and training

The usual definition of induction is a formal introduction of a new employee to a job. However, Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula and SmallBusiness.co.uk, our Q&A panel expert, feels that induction and training should not only happen at the start of employment, but ‘should be ongoing in order to provide solutions to problems as the job duties change’.

Employing & managing staff

Am I entitled to sick pay?

If I am self-employed, can I get any sick pay when I have an operation?

Legal advice

Holidays for the self-employed

Holiday entitlement for sole traders and the self-employed can be a tricky business. In the intance of a self-employed decorator who has worked for the same company for nearly two years, Peter Done explains why it's such a complicated issue.

Employing & managing staff

Hiring self-employed sales people

What's involved in hiring self-employed sales people to work for my company?

Legal advice

Cutting staff hours

We have just bought a small shop and Post Office, the shop employs three staff members, which we have inherited. The owners previous to us were not in good health, which is why they had more staff than we actually need and more than the business can sustain. Is there any way we could cut their hours by law, or to even get rid of them altogether? None of them have a written contract and all of them are 60+ in age.

Employing & managing staff

Providing job references

The issue of providing job references is becoming increasingly problematic. Peter Done, founder of employment law specialist Peninsula, explains what you should and shouldn't do.