Stefano Maruzzi is vice president of EMEA at GoDaddy.

Finding and selling to customers

Business loyalty: Building a strong customer base

It's the small touches that can help to make your customers feel more at home with a personalised experience.


How to feel more than content with your business website

Here, Stefano Maruzzi discusses the key considerations to make when putting content on your website.

Business Technology

How to make your website work for you 

Stefano Maruzzi presents some tips on how your website can help with the day-to-day running of your business.

Business Technology

Taking it to the next level: Remixing your digital presence

Stefano Maruzzi discusses the importance of your website sticking out from the pack.


Building your customer base: Why email marketing is not dead

Stefano Maruzzi discusses why email marketing is still a huge opportunity for small businesses.

Business Technology

Is your website user-friendly enough?

Here, Stefano Maruzzi gives some tips on maximising your website's visual potential.