Business management

Do entrepreneurs need a university education?

Entrepreneur Tina Boden explains why university is not necessary for those with entrepreneurial ambition.

Business Ideas & Planning

How to be an entrepreneur (or why you shouldn’t be put off by the term)

The media has given the term 'entrepreneur' a specific image that may not always be accurate, argues Tina Boden.

Business management

How corporate social responsibility can work for small businesses

Tina Boden discusses the value of 'giving something back' as a small business owner.

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Is your small business recognised or ‘invisible’?

Entrepreneur Tina Boden discusses what 'invisible businesses' are and why they aren't being counted in statistics.


Why running a micro business needn’t mean huge financial targets 

Entrepreneur Tina Boden discusses why sometimes it's best for owners of modestly-sized companies to keep their dreams small.