Available grants for health & safety measures

Industries like construction and fisheries have grants to help cover the cost of health and safety training

Some industries are more likely to benefit from health and safety grants than others due to the nature of risk involved.  

Take marine-based businesses, for example. There is funding available via the Fisheries and Seafood Scheme for measures including improving the health and safety on board vessels. This covers safety equipment, hygiene improvements and crew working conditions to reduce the risk of occupational accidents.  

The construction industry has many health and safety regulations and can still be a dangerous industry to ply your trade in, so it comes to no surprise there are grants to help cover the cost of training here, too.  

The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) Grants Scheme provides funding for construction businesses of all sizes registered with the body to provide training to their workforce.  

To receive the grant, employers must have finished their CITB training and have proof of qualification.  

There is also support available from B&CE’s Charitable Trust. The organisation’s Mowlem Award is a £20,000 grant for businesses that can prove they make a real difference towards the promotion of health and safety in construction.  

The trust also provides the Occupational Health Research Award, an annual £25,000 grant for research to improve the occupational health of people working in the industry.  

There are multiple other grants available for the implementation of health and safety measures. They are usually available for limited times only and often have strict entry criteria in place. Eligibility can depend on the size of your company, the area you are in and, of course, industry. 

Getting your hands on free funding is a tricky business. SmallBusiness.co.uk helps to answer your most frequently asked questions about accessing business grants. 

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