Award-winning preparation

Winning industry awards, even just being nominated, can enhance your business in many ways – be it bolstering sales, boosting employee morale or increasing web traffic. But before you start drafting your acceptance speech, a little careful preparation is needed to ensure success.

A firm grasp of the award process can greatly increase your company’s chances, yet it is even more important to find the correct award in the first instance, says Katie Olver, managing director of media relations firm Momentous PR. Choosing an award that will highlight the capabilities of your business, in the right areas, will benefit you in the long run and lead to increased credibility in your sector.

When considering your entry, Olver suggests, it’s best to keep things simple. ‘If it is a requirement to submit 500 words on why your business should win the award make sure you don’t exceed this limit and communicate clearly,’ she counsels.

In terms of additional advice, Olver propounds:

  • Setting out a clear strategy for winning the award and assigning tasks
  • Seeking to understand the judging criteria
  • Ensuring your entry meets the requirements of the awards
  • Analysing your competition to try and counteract their strengths
  • Speaking to previous winners about their entries
  • And, most importantly of all, remembering the deadlines!

Once you have presented your entry and you feel that the award is as good as won, there is still work to be done. Viral marketing can greatly increase your chances of winning, adds Olver. ‘An email reminding your customers and contacts who you are and why they should vote for you can be very effective.’

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