Brits blame basic holiday allowance for lack of productivity

Britain’s workforce lifts the lid on the UK’s productivity shortage in a new online survey, calling for a more flexible approach to the traditional 9-5.

Holiday rental company Optima Villas asked 10,000 Brits whether they were happy with their holiday allowance at work, and what would make them more productive during office hours – and between flexitime and better training opportunities, it seems there’s plenty of room to motivate employees across the UK.

After the BBC reported in October last year that UK productivity had pushed ‘above its pre-crisis levels’, this new study reveals just what it will take for Brits to stay stimulated during their time in the office.

With Christmas behind us and the gruelling 9-5 back in full swing, more than a third of Brits surveyed – and 53 per cent of 55-64 year olds – admit a more flexible approach to working hours would boost their productivity levels.

Off the clock

While 66 per cent of survey respondents say they’re happy with their holiday allowance, 29 per cent of Brits said a few extra days off each year would improve their productivity.

On top of this, a fifth of Brits believe time away from the office would enhance employee productivity, and that longer breaks throughout the working day would help them stay focused on the task at hand.

This is something respondents in the North East feel particularly passionate about, with 46 per cent of those surveyed saying extended breaks would help them stay motivated.

Development concerns

A quarter (26 per cent) of all Brits surveyed called for more efficient operating systems in the workplace, blaming a lack of up-to-date technology for their productivity shortage.

For over a fifth of respondents, better training opportunities could be the key to increased motivation – with 45-54 year olds being particularly keen to improve their workplace knowledge.

A little over a tenth of Brits believe that a bigger workload would improve their productivity, as just 13 per cent said they thought extra responsibility would make them more focused on their role.

Company culture

Respondents were also invited to suggest what they thought would make them more productive at work, with improved management attitudes and colleague relationships proving particularly important to UK workers.

With survey results revealing that staff want a more flexible approach to working, will 2017 be the year businesses give their staff the freedom they’re looking for?

Nick Ball, marketing manager at Optima Villas, says, ‘It’s understandable that Brits believe more holidays throughout the year would make them more productive at work. Sometimes we all just need time away from the office to recharge the batteries – and a week in the sun never hurts!’


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