Blackberry Pearl 8110 Smartphone

Read our review of the new Blackberry Pearl 8110 Smartphone. Is it for you?

While the new Blackberry Pearl 8110 Smartphone doesn’t boast WiFi like the similar 8120 Pearl, it does have built-in GPS with Blackberry Maps software, so you can happily wander the city and not get lost in the process.

A two mega-pixel camera with 5x zoom and enhanced flash means you can snap away in between making calls, typing and sending emails on a QWERTY keypad, and surfing the net.

What’s more, quad-band connectivity allows you to stay in touch worldwide, access your address book, calendar and a range of business and leisure applications so you can juggle work and play as you please.

For busy people who need to stay in touch with the office and want to take and send photographs, listen to music or play videos while they travel, this slim, lightweight gadget could be just the ticket.

T-Mobile has just launched two price plans for the Blackberry Pearl 8110 Smartphone, which is available in black and now blue slate. Instant email can be added for £5 per month on an 18- or 24-month contract, giving you access to up to ten different email accounts through your phone. For unlimited internet access with email, it’s an extra £10 a month.

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