Britons turning to second jobs to boost income

More than a third of Britons are now employed in a minimum of two jobs, research finds.

According to a poll by, almost half of respondents do so in order to better support their families without needing to rely on benefits and government handouts.

A total of 2,831 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they were in full-time employment, were quizzed on their jobs, work ethic and financial status.

In response to the question ‘Do you have more than one job?’, 37 per cent of respondents indicate that they work two or more jobs. The remaining 63 per cent say that they only work a single job.

Respondents aged 35-45 are most likely to work more than one job (56 per cent), follow by those aged 18-25 (32 per cent).

The same group of respondents were then asked to disclose which region they lived in, in a bid to determine which region were most likely to work more than one job. The top five most common regions are the North West (13 per cent), Scotland (9 per cent), North East (9 per cent), South West (7 per cent) and Wales (5 per cent).

This group were asked to disclose the reason why they work more than one job. ‘To support my family’ is the most popular reason, with 29 per cent, followed by ‘To pay off existing debts’ (23 per cent), ‘To pay for my child’s education’ (20 per cent), ‘To pay for a holiday’ (14 per cent) and ‘To pay our rent/mortgage’ (9 per cent).

Finally, the poll asked respondents who did work more than one job to reveal how long their average working day was. Researchers compiled the results to reveal the average working day of those who worked more than one job as 14 and a half hours.

George Charles of says, ‘Unfortunately, the reality of the current economic and social situation that Britain finds itself in means that a number of Britons are forced to work more than one job. It’s a shame, because it means that people are working long days and can run themselves into the ground.

‘It is, though, the reality of today. Times are tough and families need to do everything they can to ensure they have enough money to support their family and pay every financial commitment they have. It’s important to save money where possible and make your money stretch as far as possible.’

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Ben Lobel

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