Business banking, finding premises, registering a company – what order?

Opening a business bank account requires a business address, renting a unit involves giving bank account details and registering as a company also needs an address. I can't work out what to do first!

You have highlighted a real issue for new businesses.

All banks have a requirement to ‘know your business’. This means they need to have full details and a good understanding of the nature of the business to open a new business account.

Depending on the legal entity status of your business, high on the priority list should be to register it. If it’s a limited company, you will need to register it at Companies House. You can use your home address (initially) as the registered office.

If you are a sole trader or partnership, registration is less formal, but you do need a partnership deed for the latter.

Depending on your circumstances, opening an account should be the next step. As a new business, it is fine to use your home address initially to get things started. At Metro Bank the whole process should take less than an hour.

Once your business bank account is live, you can organise the lease for your new premises and whatever machinery or office equipment you may need.

While circumstances can vary on a business to business basis, in a nutshell: register your company, open a bank account and then seek out a lease for your new premises.

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