Business cards and first impressions

A business card is not only a physical reminder of a meeting but also the first step in building an effective client relationship.

Regardless of the industry or sector, the success of a business is often determined by one important moment: The first impression.

Although it’s not something we like to admit, it’s human nature to pass judgement during an initial meeting, and first impressions can linger in all forms of communication thereafter.

For this reason, a good quality business card is a necessity for businesses large or small:

The role of the business card

A business card should essentially aid the individual or business in presenting themselves, what they do and what they stand for. It needs to be memorable, professional, appropriate and reflect the above.

A business card is an active stimulus for forming new client relationships, whether it comes as a result of a one-to-one meeting, a networking event, or referral.

How important are first impressions?

In business, first impressions are crucial as they demonstrate that future encounters will be of a similar nature.

Not only do you want to leave a good first impression, but a lasting one. Handing over your business card at the start or end of a meeting is a key moment, as it can be your chance to make a memorable impact.

Despite the outcome of a meeting, an inadequate business card may affect how you are remembered. A distinctive, quality business card not only provides the recipient with your contact details, but it could also spark additional conversation.

Will technology change the future of the business card?

Currently, the internet and digital media are the two main sources of communication that businesses use to carry out numerous processes, including how to market themselves.

However, the business card is one element that technology hasn’t replaced, and it’s possible that it will continue to live on in this ever-growing digital age.

Email marketing, SEO and paid media all do a great job of attracting leads and prospects, but people buy from people, and face to face sales meetings, sealed with a handshake and the handing over of a business card is key to business growth and success.

How important is the design?

A business card that is creative, unique and of a good quality is more likely to leave a positive first impression, putting their brand ahead of additional prospects.

The skills that an individual possesses, as well as the quality of their product or service can be reflected in the design of their business card.

Your business card should consist of more than just a list of names and numbers. It should represent your brand image, as well as a unique element to make you stand out.

To conclude, powerful print gets results. By using design and print in innovative ways, you can successfully create engagement and more potential business opportunities as a result.

Article by Kate Shropshall – Marketing Manager – Alpha Card

Alpha Card are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Z-folding cards, with an annual production of over 10 million units for SME’s, educational establishments, charities and government organisations.

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