Membership Services 

Your Small Business Essentials membership enables you to access a range of services including:  

  • Small Business Funding (a dedicated funding platform with the largest panel of UK lenders. One application will give your business access to a range of finance offers with no impact on your credit rating – until you proceed.) 
  • Access to retailer discounts from the brands such as, Just Park, Halfords etc. (offers subject to change) 
  • Early Access – pre-register for Small Business’s upcoming loyalty programme 
  • Exclusive access to education, events, special offers and news on changes in industry and regulation 
  • Access to industry events and opportunity to have your business recognised at prestigious shows such as the British Business Awards. 
  • Business Advice Hub (an online library of over 1,300 templates and guides.)   

These services are available to all members unless specifically excluded at the time of joining but may vary from time to time. 

The charges associated with the Membership Services will be outlined on the webpage and are subject to change from time to time. Either party may cancel the membership services by giving 30 days written notice at the address as communicated from time to time.  

Please note that in utilising these services, you may act on the strength of advice given by third-party’s. We will not be bound by any advice provided by a third-party and accept no responsibility in this regard. In the event that you suffer any loss or damages, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of advice given by a third party, you agree to hold us harmless in all respect.  

Included in your Membership Services is free Commercial and Legal Expenses insurance, the details of which can be found in your summary of cover.  

Commercial and Legal Expense Insurance  

This contract is made in consideration of the payment of the Small Business Essentials Membership as charged by Small In return the Underwriter will pay the sums as outlined in your summary of cover to the Master Policyholder upon production of satisfactory proof to us.  

What is not covered by this policy?  

We will not cover you for:  

1. The defence of civil legal proceedings concerning: a. injury or disease including psychiatric injury and stress  

b. damage to or loss or destruction of property  

c. an alleged breach of professional duty  

2. Costs incurred without or in excess of our written consent  

3. Any claim relating to or arising from any cause, event or circumstance occurring before or existing at the start of this policy and which has or which you knew or should reasonably have known may give rise to a dispute, legal proceedings or HMRC investigation or a claim  

4. Any type of fine or other financial penalty imposed by a Court, Tribunal or regulatory or supervisory body or taxes, duties, interest or penalties imposed by HMRC  

5. Any dispute or legal proceedings in respect of which you are, or but for the existence of this policy would be, entitled to indemnity under a legal aid certificate or representation order  

6. Disputes or legal proceedings between any parties specified as you in the policy schedule or with any parent, subsidiary or associated company or partner (other than disputes under Employment disputes and/or Employment compensation awards 

7. Any dispute you have with your representative, any party involved in the arrangement of this policy or with us  

8. Any costs incurred in a dispute or legal proceedings concerning, arising out of or in connection with: a. breach of confidentiality  

b. passing off  

c. defamation or malicious falsehood  

d. the ownership or existence of any intellectual property rights  

e. a Judicial Review  

9. Any costs incurred in a dispute or legal proceedings concerning, arising out of or in connection with your: a. intentional wrongdoing  

b. act or omission with negligent disregard as to its consequences  

10. Any costs which you should or would have had to incur irrespective of any dispute  

11. Any benefit under this insurance to the extent of providing cover, payment of any claim or the provision of any benefit where doing so would breach any sanction, prohibition or restriction imposed by law or regulation  

12. The VAT element of your claim if you are registered for VAT  

13. Any claim caused by, happening through or in consequence of terrorism, war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, or confiscation or nationalisation or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority  

14. Any claim caused by or contributed to by or arising from nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination 

A full copy of the Policy terms and conditions are available from us, as Master Policy Holder and can be requested by contacting us on