Why businesses must be savvy to mobile security threats

Introducing adequate security into the software’s design at the initial building stage is crucial to protecting mobile security.

The continued proliferation of mobile applications can only be maintained if security considerations make up a key part of the design and implementation process. This is according to DOGFI.SH Mobile who suggests that as the mobile app market continues to mature, any flaws in an app’s security architecture will become clearer, with users becoming increasingly intolerant to these weaknesses.

Research from McAfee reveals that mobile malware has grown by 79 per cent in the past four quarters. Additionally, cyber-security threats today are so severe that Lloyd’s of London has predicted that global cyber-attacks could cost £40 billion. For Ross Tuffee, CEO of DOGFI.SH Mobile, if developers neglect to enforce strict security measures, malicious hackers are presented with an easy entry point that they can abuse.

He explains, ‘Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to compromise the digital world and the potential threats are continuing to grow. There are many different cyber-attacks on applications, these include impossible to remove malware whereby an attacker gains control for the sole purpose of displaying ads on your phone – they actually get legitimate revenue from your compromised device – as well as man-in-the-app attacks capable of monitoring email communications from an external server.

‘To combat these threats, the need for the utmost security cannot be underestimated and a twofold approach to security is necessary. Firstly, responsible user behaviour must be encouraged. Secondly, introducing adequate security into the software’s design helps to ensure the business logic is robust, while carrying out penetration testing catches any technical problems before they hit the public domain. Building a solution that works effectively is obviously of paramount importance, but it must also be noted that app development is a high-pressure process, with developers often challenged to produce or update apps to very tight timescales.’

Tuffee adds, ‘Despite the obstacles, it’s crucial that developers dedicate enough time towards implementing an industry standard, tried and tested security solution. But the buck cannot fall on just them; IT leaders, along with the wider organisation, must all work together and extend their security remit to ensure that the apps and data held on a device are just as safe from malware and other threats as the data hosted on their servers.’

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Owen Gough, SmallBusiness UK

Owen Gough

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