Buyer’s guide to commercial flooring

Here, we look at the various types of flooring in a commercial setting.

Here, we look at the various types of flooring in a commercial setting. 

Making the right decision when it comes to commercial flooring can save you time, effort and money in the long term, so it’s important to get it just right from the outset. Firstly, consider the space that the flooring will be laid in. What is it used for? Will your flooring have to be slip resistant, or would you prefer it to withstand a lot of traffic? Do you prefer carpet, hard wood flooring, tiles or vinyl? Is colour and finish important to you? Do you have a set budget? There are plenty of great options available today, and it’s easier than ever to create a safe environment with good quality flooring.

Select the type of floor covering that you prefer

There are several types of flooring that are ideal for commercial spaces, and they include:

Commercial carpet

Carpet is an excellent choice for numerous locations and can be used in offices, showrooms, hotels, public areas of restaurants and bars, and of course in the home. The choice of colours and finishes is extensive and broadloom carpets with twist pile or cut frieze pile are ideal for rooms that see a lot of use or activity. This kind of carpet hides footprints and dust well and is excellent at masking slight spills and stains.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is a good choice when you want an easy to lay covering that can cope with spills. It’s simple to clean and is ideal for halls, kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles are less prone to cuts and splitting than a large piece of vinyl and come in exciting finishes that are designed to look like wood, stone and concrete, as well as more traditional styles.

Hard wood flooring

Hard wood flooring looks beautiful and can withstand medium traffic. Spills aren’t a problem if you mop them up quickly to avoid staining, and day to day dust is easy to remove. You will need to buff regularly to maintain its looks, and most good hard wood coverings can be sanded or resurfaced at least once. However, high quality hard wood flooring can be expensive and it isn’t particularly suited to heavy commercial use.

Safe floor coverings

Safety flooring is the perfect choice for many commercial spaces and is essential in areas where certain types of work are undertaken or in schools or hospitals. This kind of flooring is slip resistant and is a useful accident prevention measure. It can also be oil or stain resistant so it’s ideal for factories and workshops. Safe, modern commercial flooring comes in lots of great colours and finishes and wood, stone or marble effect are just a few, so it’s also a terrific choice for areas that require a more elegant finish.

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