‘Buzz words’ can hinder productivity

The majority of Britons believe buzz words in the workplace can restrict productivity, yet over half still use phrases like ‘in the loop’ and ‘think outside the box’.

Research from MWB Business Exchange, a leading serviced office company, found 72 per cent of British workers think buzz words can reduce productivity.

The survey also found 56 per cent use this type of jargon every other day and a third use the aforementioned phrases regularly.

It also discovered senior managers are more likely to use the phrases, while those under 24-years-old will freely admit to the trait.

John Spencer, chief executive officer of MWB Business Exchange, says the practice is ‘completely out of hand’.

‘More needs to be done to stamp it out, as in these uncertain times business leaders need to make sure they are understood. There is no room for confusion,’ he adds.

Small companies were found to be less likely to use the phrases, with only a quarter of employees admitting to doing so, in comparison to 98 per cent in larger firms.

Women were also found to be less resilient to the jargon use, with 36 per cent doing so, compared to just over a quarter of men.

ITProPortal.com recently advised communication is key in any crisis and will likely aid the future success of a business.

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