Carbon Trust: SMEs could save 30% on lighting

Making changes to lighting systems could save retail outlets some 30 per cent on their electricity bills, the Carbon Trust reports.

The organisation has launched a guide which is intended to highlight how businesses can save money through using more energy-efficient technology.

By doing this, retailers can ensure they comply with all relevant legislation, the Carbon Trust remarks.

Making more effective use of natural light and combining such initiatives with energy-efficient lightbulbs could lead to significant savings for retail businesses, without impacting customer experience, the body believes.

Hugh Jones, solutions director at the Carbon Trust, says retailers are under pressure to demonstrate their carbon credentials to both employees and customers and recommends employing these strategies as part of a business initiative as well as to save money.

Figures from the government-established Carbon Trust show commercial and industrial lighting consumes around 20 per cent of all the electrical energy generated in the UK.

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