Christmas gift ideas for your work colleagues

Christmas is literally days away, which means all your presents should be bought, wrapped and maybe even exchanged by now.

However if this sounds like the exact opposite of your situation and you haven’t even set foot inside a shop this Christmas then there’s no need to panic, as there’s still time to sort the office Secret Santa out before everyone goes on holiday. Finding the right gift for the people you work with can sometimes be tricky, considering you might not know too much about their interests or personal life, but below we’ve listed some ideas to help you out & alternatively this gift selector might also be of interest.

Smart Phone Projector

How many times have you had people crowd around your smartphone as you try to show them an interesting picture or video? We’ve all been there, before giving up and passing your phone to everyone in the room so that they can have a look for themselves. This doesn’t have to be a problem anymore with a smart phone projector. Simply pop your smartphone in the back of this small portable device and watch your videos and pictures become projected onto the wall in front. With 8x magnification you’ll be showing off your favourite videos to everyone you see.

Grow your Own Coffee Plant Kit

For the coffee lovers in the office this could make a really interesting gift. You can get kits that come with a Coffee Arabica house plant, which produces sweet white flowers, followed by green fruits which eventually change to red and then black as they ripen. These plants can be grown in greenhouses or even in homes with sunny window ledges. Just add water and watch the plant grow to produce tasty coffee beans.

Cyclist Survival Kit

If the person you’re buying for uses the bicycle for the morning commute to work then this kit could be right up their street. It includes a puncture repair kit just in case of an emergency, as well as tyre levers, cleansing wipes, plastic gloves, sunscreen and plasters. Your colleague will definitely thank you if they have this kit handy the next time they suffer a puncture on their bike.

Flexible lunch box

Does your colleague bring a packed lunch into work? Maybe you’ve seen them complain about their sandwiches or rolls getting squashed in their lunch box? This doesn’t have to be a problem anymore with a flexible lunch box. These have an elasticated silicone skin that manage to keep the shape of whatever you put inside, meaning no more flat sandwiches at lunchtime. These boxes even keep your food zip-lock fresh, so there’s not even any need for tin foil or cling film to wrap it up.

Portable charger

This gift might not be as interesting as the others, but everyone needs a portable phone charger to fall back on now and again. These pocket sized chargers can be taken anywhere and they offer you a lifeline if you’ve run out of battery while out and about. To make this gift a bit more fun you can even pick up a themed portable charger, based around the interests of your Secret Santa recipient. 

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