Why communication is vital to your business success

Communication is one of the most important aspect of business success, but what makes good communication. Find out here.

In many unexpected ways, running a business is just like driving a rally car. It may surprise you to think that the fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled motor-sport could be comparable to managing staff and talking to your customers, but the similarities are startling. The most important similarity being communication.

Rally Drivers Bron Burrell and Tina Kerridge-Reynolds describe the importance of communication for Bank of Ireland’s Inspiring Partnerships initiative

In the same way that no successful rally team can ever hope to win a race with poor communication, no business can hope for success and greater revenue with bad communication. Think about it, simple, clear-cut instructions relayed from navigator to driver, delivered in a clear and timely manner, telling them precisely what is coming next and how they should tackle the obstacle is exactly what business managers should be doing with their staff.

If the navigator is too slow to deliver the instructions, or is vague about the severity of the corner, it can spell the end of the race of the competitors. Much in the same way that a good communicator in the office can help spot an obstacle early and navigate the team around the corner smoothly and on to the next problem.

A two way street

Small business leaders can often be too inward looking, focussing on the minutiae of their own problems, such as completing their tax return, or managing the books, that it can be easy to overlook the bigger picture and see the corners coming. Limited resources, multi-tasking and juggling all the tiny details is overwhelming, so it is vital for communication to work both ways. Maintaining an open, two-way communication route between staff and management is crucial to success and often an underestimated tool.

Finding an understanding among your team about where the business is going and communicating that journey effectively is will help you get to the finish line!

Tech helps

Concordia Research Station in Antarctica, a half French, half Italian station used by the European Space Agency to conduct scientific and psychological experiments for the exploration of extra-terrestrial planets – a place where finding a way for solid communication is imperative

The bonus to living in this modern, tech-driven society, is that communicating has never been easier, or cheaper. No longer do you need to stretch the budget to keep in contact with your team. Encrypted messenger services, faster internet and better quality tools have made communication easier and cheaper.

New opportunities are always on the horizon for companies who openly communicate and challenge themselves.

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