Companies need to evolve to survive

Companies need to evolve and vendors need to innovate, at this time more than any other, says Adrian Overall of CloudStratex

We find ourselves in uncertain times. Leading a start-up business, I find this situation particularly uncomfortable, and something I want to reflect on in this narrative. Throughout the time that my team and I have been working outside of the corporate landscape, we have always stood by the mantra that “comfortable = extinct”. Therefore companies need to evolve, and vendors need to innovate. You cannot stay still in business and you must take chances. I don’t know who first coined this term, but I do know that many of you reading this will know what I mean.

We are a self-funded business with our savings and family contingencies invested in the unknown and placed high up on the risk curve. The current crisis only serves to bring that risk into laser focus. That said we know that the position we are in is nothing compared to those key workers that are putting the health of themselves and their families at risk, by turning up every day to support those people that are helpless, to help themselves.

Why companies need to evolve

We have a choice to do the same, but the majority of those on the frontline have no choice and the heroic efforts that are being undertaken every day to keep our country going are inspirational to me, my colleagues and business. I wanted to reflect on this and offer some perspective on how we are trying to maintain and sustain our livelihoods whilst the global situation plays out.

First up and most importantly, let’s be absolutely clear; the health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and their families, is top of our list. We will not be doing anything other than following the government’s advice to adhere to the lockdown, and we will continue to run our business virtually, leveraging the myriad of technology that we have at our disposal.

Second up, we have to protect our run rate business, as well as do everything we can to hypercare our clients and the projects we are running, to ensure we continue to deliver with excellence. Third up, we stay checked into the job that we have to do, so we don’t let them down.

Extraordinary events are upon us and the opportunity for distraction has never been higher in my experience. We are doing daily 5pm calls with everyone for Q&A and on Friday we have instigated a virtual social to lighten the mood somewhat.

I want to close by saying that we are a small fish in a mighty big fishbowl but our battle, like many of the start-ups, self-employed and entrepreneurs out there, is very real.

Adrian Overall is chief executive officer of business services company CloudStratex

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Adrian Overall

Adrian Overall is chief executive officer of business services company CloudStratex

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