Conserve your energy this Christmas

UK businesses are bracing themselves for rising gas and electricity prices this winter – Action Energy, the Government-funded energy programme, is offering advice on saving energy and money.

It is urging British businesses to become energy efficient to protect themselves from spiralling energy costs. It claims that a company can save 20% on gas and electricity bills through implementing a few simple energy-saving measures.

Many of these can be introduced for little or no cost, such as maximising the use of daylight whenever possible, keeping lighting fixtures clean and switching off lights when not needed. This can reduce lighting costs by up to 15% and will help offset the impact of price rises on the bottom line.

Other simple measures include keeping all unused windows and doors shut when heating is operated. switching electrical equipment off or onto standby when it is not being used and not heating rooms above 19°C – every 1°C rise in temperature increases energy costs by 8%.

“The rise in gas and electricity prices will have a huge impact on UK businesses and consumers. Action Energy can help business offset these potentially crippling costs now with free practical help and advice on energy efficiency,” commented Dr Garry Felgate, Director of Action Energy. “Even a modest investment in energy efficiency measures could reduce an organisation’s energy costs now and in the long term.”

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