Convenience and security over price for UK online shoppers

Nearly a quarter of online shoppers are frustrated by entering checkout payment details, as retailers respond with secure, instant ways to pay.

Research by Expressly reveals that online shoppers would rather save time than money when shopping online.

Almost a quarter of consumers (24 per cent) are irritated when having to register their payment and delivery details with every online purchase.

The research finds that 67 per cent of UK online shopping baskets are abandoned before a sale is complete, it is no surprise E-Commerce giants, such as Amazon and eBay, are investing in shorter journeys between product discovery and payment.

Expressly are advocates of these user-friendly services being integrated in to all online shopping sites, to provide a smooth online shopping experience for customers.

With a clear demand for convenient, one click-style ways to pay, combined with an increased trend of shopping through phones and tablets, retailers are under pressure to integrate safe, time saving mechanisms in to their sites.

Marketplaces such as eBay have gone a step further, offering a ‘Buy Now’ option for those who want to pay for single items and ditch the virtual basket. Amazon have also developed strategies to ensure convenience is paramount, with their Dash buttons which can be placed around the home to order refills of common household goods with a single press.

However, in conjunction with this fulfilment of convenience, the research finds 30 per cent are concerned with becoming victims to online fraud. Expressly co-founder, Fabrizio Fantini, explains how one click checkout payments are in fact a safer way to shop.

‘Providing your payment details for every purchase is actually less secure than saving them on trusted, reputable websites. Stores increasingly invite customers to save their details for next time. Data is no longer transferred back and forth between the customer and store, improving security and enhancing convenience.’

In a culture where time is of the essence and low prices are no longer the driving force behind the appeal of online shopping, Expressly believe retailers are expected to match up to their customers’ expectations by continuing to supply to most relevant and convenient content.

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