The art of delegation in business

Here are a few ways to make sure those spinning plates you are tending as a business owner are more manageable. It's called the art of delegation.

No one understands that saying about spinning plates more than the busy business owner. As they dart from task to task, keeping employee relations balanced, schmoozing with new clients, celebrating their profits, commiserating their losses; trying to keep their busy diary under control is like training a rabid pitbull – eventually it’ll bite back.

Even trying to remain fair could be disastrous for employers. A recent study showed that those bosses who try to oversee every case of fairness and equality will burn themselves out more quickly than one who cracks the whip.

But few people want their employees to be miserable – so it’s time to find a solution. Delegation is the key to any effective bosses’ business life, relieving the stresses and strains of the day and taking some of that trouble off your plate. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to lift that heavy enterprise load from your shoulders.

Make payday a cinch

Payday is one of the real strains of any manager. Even if you’ve farmed the task out to your human resources bods, having them complete it manually is like asking them to recreate the myth of Sisyphus.

Nowadays, technology has caught up with the HR department’s needs. Payroll software, for instance, allows you to set up a payment system quickly and easily, before moving on to other tasks.

Delegate your payment to the machines – with proper supervision, the process will be a cinch.


If you’re a small business, the idea of hiring a personal assistant to ease your load might make your bank balance convulse with fear. But while the price might be steep, the benefits could prove vital.

If you can find a PA who’ll know your schedule inside out, take initiative and complete important chores without needing to be asked, then you’ll be able to cut down on your busy work and do what’s important – raking in some moolah.

Naturally, the hiring process requires a trial and error approach. You’re looking for a young go-getter with the same level of passion for business as you have for profit.

And, if they’re wading through your less favourable chores, reward them admirably – after all, you don’t want them to head somewhere that’ll recognise their talents.

Find trust – and relax

Your business is your baby – but sometimes you’ve got to let go. Provided you’ve hired the right team, supervision over every task won’t be necessary. Once your business is in full bloom, the smaller cogs should be able to run by themselves while you make the connections you need to push your profits sky-high.

This can be a lengthy process, and it can be difficult to accept that the company you built from scratch can function perfectly without you. But, sometimes, allowing your employees to steer the ship can give your enterprise a new lease of life.

Just make sure your workers are ready for their independence – there’s a yawning gulf between delegation and recklessness.

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