How to collect customer details accurately – first time, every time

Save your business time and money with Royal Mail AddressNow Capture

As more and more businesses embrace the digital world, it has become easier for many small and medium-sized enterprises to compete on equal terms with larger corporation.

They can do this by using e-commerce and digital selling platforms, disruptive marketing tactics and social media. But one area that many smaller companies still often struggle with is managing their customer data effectively.

Failure to record a customer’s details accurately can mean loss of business, returned goods, poor customer experience and needing more staff to deal with capturing and validating customer details. This is where Royal Mail AddressNow Capture, the address finding and data validation service, can really help you.

In this guide, we will look at how Royal Mail AddressNow Capture enables businesses of all kinds to find a customer’s address quickly and simply, reduce the cost and hassle of failed deliveries, and protect the company’s reputation.